Our mission

To eradicate the world’s most common adverse surgical condition.


Let’s get to work.

Hypothermia is the world’s most common serious adverse event in surgery.

Our mission is to transform healthcare via the introduction of ground-breaking technologies, designed to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately eradicate surgical hypothermia from all hospitals across the globe. We need your help!

Hypothermia in
surgery is 100%

Shorter Patient Stays
And A Better Bottom Line

Preventing post-surgery complications is not only good patient care, but is economically smart for hospitals and clinicians.

To ensure this new (game-changing)technology can become the new standard across the healthcare industry, our R&D team work closely with hospitals to ensure our solutions also help optimise operational efficiencies. Reducing patient loading and positively impacting many other critical areas of healthcare.


A Surgeon’s Companion.

The silent operation, reusability, and lightweight nature of Thermal Armour make it the ideal companion throughout the surgical process for clinicians & patients alike. Powered by a low-draw conductive fabric and cutting-edge battery technology ensures efficiency and mobility without compromising on patient comfort.

Leading the front line against surgical hypothermia.

If this product can be used in 1 billion surgical cases it will eliminate the condition from hospitals across the globe.

The current technology being used is not adequate and there is an urgent need for a better solution but it needs to be taken up at scale.

We are working with a network of partners to optimise our technologies and make it available to everyone across every country. This innovative new technology empowers hospitals and medical staff to uncover new benefits in operations, cost-efficiency, and patient care.

It’s a transformative solution that is set to revolutionize the industry and make healthcare more globally accessible.