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Together, we can eradicate surgical hypothermia.

Thermal Armour™ is on a mission to revolutionise the healthcare industry and eradicate surgical hypothermia for good. Our ground breaking wearable patient warming technology (developed right here in Australia) will enhance patient comfort, optimise hospital resources and improve the quality of care for all humanity.

In order to make real change in the industry we need to ensure this technology is adopted at scale. We currently have a global network of partners who are committed to achieving this shared goal - how can you help?

Partnering for good.

Below are just a handful of our key partners, who are
united by our mission.

The new era
is wearable.

By design the products can move with the patient, introducing a range of new benefits that go well beyond patient comfort.

There are economical benefits for hospitals and clinicians as well.

Our R&D team work closely with hospitals to ensure our solutions also help optimise operational efficiencies. Reducing patient loading and positively impacting many other critical areas of healthcare.

Evertec by Thermal Armour

Consistent patient warming that moves with you.

Thermal Armour has redefined patient care by providing a reliable and uniformly distributed heat source across the entire treatment journey, because it’s wearable and stays on the patient for the entire process.

Wearable - end to end

From admission, through surgery, and until discharge, our innovative solution ensures optimal patient warmth at a consistent temperature from end to end.